Resetting (again)

There is nothing more embarrassing than linking to your site for an application and then discovering something had gone horribly wrong. In my case there were incorrect breakpoints for the »

CSS updates

I had the opportunity to visit my website on a few different devices and found it... wanting. I am working on the CSS to make it appear better on various »

Breaking the 4th wall

Over the past two months I have been working on several ways to create forms in a virtual space which could act as stand-ins for imagination. They are the representations »

Trangressions - W.I.P.

Transgressions is an attempt to articulate the imagination one has upon discovering an abandoned or empty space. Ruin porn, that photographic narrative captured in ruins or otherwise inaccessible locations. Such »

Hexagons vs Triangles

While working towards an art project involving portraiture based on Kinect point clouds, I returned to an old idea of using hexagons instead of triangles. The goal of this project »