Trangressions - W.I.P.

Transgressions is an attempt to articulate the imagination one has upon discovering an abandoned or empty space. Ruin porn, that photographic narrative captured in ruins or otherwise inaccessible locations. Such »

Hexagons vs Triangles

While working towards an art project involving portraiture based on Kinect point clouds, I returned to an old idea of using hexagons instead of triangles. The goal of this project »

Why so Ugly (too)

Well, as you may have guessed, I am in the process of reworking the website. Again. This time I am dedicating some energy to building a theme from the ground »

where did all the wonderment go?

In the age of frameworks and templates, the web has become a boring landscape of monotony and mundane experiences. The explosion of creativity that abounded when Flash came on the »

Why so ugly?

This blog uses the Ghost blogging engine, a relatively new system that came from a successful Kickstarter with the goal of replacing the bulk and bloat of Wordpress with a »