Breaking the 4th wall

Over the past two months I have been working on several ways to create forms in a virtual space which could act as stand-ins for imagination. They are the representations of how one imagines one would use an empty space. There are other elements of what will become a larger collection of works, but for now they have this intention.

I wanted to explore these shapes a bit more fully as an installation. Rather than the typical gallery presentation, where the image of how these shapes appear would be projected on walls or presented on monitors, I wanted to explore some other ways of demonstrating them.

shapes in spaces I wanted to find some way of bringing them into the real world as shapes and objects, but not just static shapes but something which could be animated somehow, and lit up for darkened areas. To this end I explored these of EL-Wire for creating some of these shapes as physical objects.

el-wire shapes

These shapes do allow for a more interesting way to envision how these objects would appear in everyday scenarios. The only trouble so far seems to be with their physical nature (they do not 'change' shapes unless rotated or used in various angles) and their cost (roughly $30-$50 each, not including the time needed to build them, or techniques necessary to light them.)

Their light weight and relatively easily power requirements (two shapes can be lit from 2 AA batteries) means they can be used outside for photographs. The only task left is to create more shapes. For now, I have a limited number, but can start exploring how they look for creating images to apply for art proposals.

multiple forms I have been using an arduino to allow for colouration and eventual movement of these artifacts, and would like to explore several alternatives for how to to present them in the real world. As lamps or sculpture I feel they are relatively successful and could become the basis for an interesting installation of the embodiment of imagination, as expressed in today's visual language. An interpretation of virtual imagination expressed in a physical low-polygon shape.