Updates - April

Well, this past eight months was supposed to be chock full of artwork and stuff, but not as much was produced. That doesn't mean things *didn't *happen, just that little »

Short update

It's been a while since I updated anything on here, but I shall try to keep this brief. There has been a lot of shuffling done at home, moving from »

Prototypes are important, so is sharing.

Unlike some artists, I share the prototypes I am working on, sharing the idea behind a piece before actually sharing the piece itself. There is a reason for this, and »

Inspirational Accidents

Sometimes, while working on a concept for one piece of work, you end up discovering an idea for another piece of work. This is a model I was working on »

Homesteads Prototype

The Homesteads are site specific recreations of locations where homesteads once were in rural Alberta. Degrading farmsteads that dwindle from houses and barns to granaries and shelters and finally to »