Resetting (again)

There is nothing more embarrassing than linking to your site for an application and then discovering something had gone horribly wrong. In my case there were incorrect breakpoints for the CSS that were causing some noticeable issues.

Some images were large, others small, and some text was really, really tiny. Not to mention that reading in landscape on an iPhone was problematic, and scrolling was iffy, too. It wasn't smooth like butter but more chunky like peanut butter left in the sun too long.

So I tore everything out and went back to using a non-specific theme (again). I will start redoing things from scratch using a cleaner starting point than before.


The biggest challenge coming up will be including a way to separate portfolio posts from blog entries. I know an artist site should be showcase-heavy but I also appreciate when people share some of the processes that took them to new art directions. It keeps the creative aspect grounded in reality, so one doesn't assume competed artworks are the only thing done. Those incomplete works can help beginning artists understand that the failures are just as important as the successes.

I have also started taking a look at other artists portfolios. A surprising amount just have the title of the pieces in a list and no image or other descriptions until you click on them. Sometimes there are main separations (pages) of bodies of work, and then lists of projects within those bodies.

I think that placing my pieces within their specific categories is still a useful way to do this. For example, all static single images in one, multiple images and videos in another, coded works in another. Or I may separate kinect into it's own. Of course, the blog entries will still live in their own separate category. I doubt anyone reads them but it is still important for me to codify my goals and processes for myself.

Until then, it is all mushed together until I get to an acceptable point in the new approaches in the art concepts I am working on.

unity work