Short update

It's been a while since I updated anything on here, but I shall try to keep this brief.

There has been a lot of shuffling done at home, moving from one room to another. The problem is that I have a lot of items which I intend to use in artworks which are large and bulky and consume most of the space in the room I rent. Objects like cameras, luggage and other items which are not 'artwork' per se, but which are intended to be used within artwork in the future. I am keeping them because it did take a while to gather all of these materials. It is only the lack of studio space which limits how I can use them.
I have culled a lot of the wires and cables I have stored away as well. While I 'would' like to get rid of many duplicates, there are times when I shall need some of them, so I am hesitant.

What I 'did' throw out were many pieces that I made in art school. Things which were sequestered away that I had forgotten about but were not really worth keeping. Some significant gains there. As well as many boxes for products I no longer have, or products which I have no intention of selling.

All in all this move did force me to downsize some significant things, like magazines, old artwork, and boxes.

There are times, however, where I find myself hating some of the technology I require for the things I create. As an artist I have a tendency to buy tech for specific projects, with the idea that if I need to install something somewhere I should not have to rely on other people's generosity for completing them. This adds an emotional weight to the amount of stuff I have and, eventually, I find myself beleaguered by the stuff I have/need versus the minimal amount I would prefer.

It's a problem, wanting to live a nomadic life and being tied down by the things I need.
I envy those people who can live out of a suitcase and travel on a moments notice for months at a time.