Trangressions - W.I.P.

Transgressions is an attempt to articulate the imagination one has upon discovering an abandoned or empty space. Ruin porn, that photographic narrative captured in ruins or otherwise inaccessible locations. Such photographs trigger an unconcsious desire for me to either wonder what used to be in those spaces, or how I could fill it.

In transgressions a series of photographs captured within Calgary and Southern Alberta are presented with animated 3d shapes within. There are floaters and barnacle-like growths randomly growing within these locations, representing an implied sense of ownership and utility.

Presented as a series of photographs and animated scenarios on displays, Transgressions will include installations to explore some of the shapes and how they will be perceived.

Transgressions is programmed in openFrameworks. The shapes are derived from 3d voronoi tessellation techniques by Patricio Gonzales Vivo.

The original inspiration for some of the early concepts were Roger Dean and Martin Dean's floating islands as seen in Yes album covers, as well as the floating islands in Avatar. I wanted to convey a low-polygon aesthetic for these forms since we are living in a digital age, and our imaginations are somewhat tied to augmented or virtual reality.