Updates - April

Well, this past eight months was supposed to be chock full of artwork and stuff, but not as much was produced. That doesn't mean things *didn't *happen, just that little was produced.

What *did *happen was a lot of exploration into certain artistic formats and how to discuss them academically or contextually. While I would love to explore less technical works of art, I feel not accessing the potential of technology to realize some of these things will be detrimental to the work I want to produce.

And, even if nothing concrete or physical has been produced, that does not mean that a large number of things which are in the how will I do this stages have not been planned.
What I am trying to do is work out the kinks I will need over the summer, apply for various grants to achieve them, and then get out and do them. I just won't be oversharing quite as much in the interim. It has to do with someone who is trying to accomplish one of the works I have been conceptualizing in the past, but their rendition of it is unpolished and lacks the same theoretical framework I have in mind. It may be a case of who finishes it first, but it will also be a case of why it was being done in the first place.