where did all the wonderment go?

In the age of frameworks and templates, the web has become a boring landscape of monotony and mundane experiences. The explosion of creativity that abounded when Flash came on the scene at the end of the last century led to a wide variety of web design and interfaces, shoehorned into the limited screen sizes at the time yet more interesting than anything today.

Imagine the wizardry of the Iron Man displays, but on a web page. That's the kind of thing that people were building. You can't find them anymore. This was before the age of blogging engines and podcasting rituals. These were home-built mechanisms for displaying the creativity of the writer in an environment driven solely by hover click and open.

Today we have the vast simplicity of blogging engines and templates, themes and frameworks. The sheer function of the internet is driven by content, and it is mostly displayed in the same tired format as everything else we see.

We need more of the imagination that drove the earlier internet. We need things to push the new boundaries, force the barriers of what is available and drag our internet, kicking and screaming, into the next generation of wonderment.

We really, really need to encompass an ideology that explores what is possible instead of being the same as those around us.