Why so ugly?

This blog uses the Ghost blogging engine, a relatively new system that came from a successful Kickstarter with the goal of replacing the bulk and bloat of Wordpress with a more enjoyable way of writing.

I...screwed up. I broke my site with a poorly managed update of the underlying system and didn't back it up properly. The theme and templates I had been using were suddenly not there.

I managed to save the text, but most of the images are missing in action.

It will take a while to rebuild, and then incorporate many of the things I wanted to, including making the various JavaScript experiments accessible to those who are interested. I also wanted to reconfigure how to access the portfolio because it isn't visual enough for someone to truly see what I have done in the past.

So if you wander through here and wonder why it doesn't look quite right, it's a work in progress. Just like me.